Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here we come - S.O.F.A. Chicago 2013!

Look for this ad in the latest issue of Ceramics: Art & Perception. A huge thank you to Lucy Lacoste for the invitation to participate in S.O.F.A. Chicago 2013. The 'New Directions' show presents the work of Josephine Burr, Sunshine Cobb, Colby Parsons, Paolo Porelli ((his "Excess" appears above) and Linda Swanson.

Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design Fair is celebrating 20 years this time around! Read more about the event here on their website!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August in the States!: 'New Directions' at Lacoste Gallery and a visit to Jeff Shapiro's studio

Paolo Porelli and Lucy Lacoste at the opening of 'New Directions', Lacoste Gallery

Paolo Porelli, Colby Parsons, Linda Swanson & Lucy Lacoste

Josephine Burr, Colby Parsons & Paolo Porelli
Happy birthday Alinda!!

Paolo Porelli & Jeff Shapiro

Paolo Porelli's Artist talk at Lacoste Gallery

Excited to be back in Rome after a whirlwind trip to the States. We attended the opening of the 'New Directions' show at Lacoste Gallery on the 10th of August, went shopping at Bailey's Ceramic Supplies and visited the studio of Jeff Shapiro on the 16th, and then returned to the Lacoste Gallery on the 17th for Paolo's artist talk! Wow!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

NCECA 2013 Houston TX! The Biennial and The Bray Show

Lori-Ann Touchette & Paolo Porelli, c.r.e.t.a. rome

First time at the NCECA Conference! This year, I participated in the annual conference of NCECA as an exhibiting artist in the Biennial and the Residents' exhibition of The Archie Bray Foundation. Plus we had a non-profit table in the Resource Hall to promote c.r.e.t.a. rome.

Biennial opening at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft!

Richard Notkin & Paolo Porelli

Paolo Porelli & Andy Casto

Chris Riccado, Paolo Porelli & Lauren Mabry

Meeting with Patsy Cox and international participants

Paolo Porelli & Patsy Cox

Tinma Byrne & Paolo Porelli

 The opening of the Residents' show at 18 Hands Gallery

Bray residents 2012
Paolo Porelli, Amanda Salov & Steven Lee

Jason Walker & Paolo Porelli