Sunday, January 15, 2012

Group show at Brenda Taylor Gallery, NYC

Paolo Porelli, 'Pomona' at the Brenda Taylor Gallery, NYC

Brenda Taylor is a gallerist in Chelsea in New York City whom I met during my residency in Philadelphia when I applied to a juried exhibition. She fell in love with my statue 'Pomona' and thus I had my first group show in a gallery in 'the City'.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sculptures produced at The Clay Studio

Paolo Porelli, 'Bottle Lady'  2011, glazed stoneware, 79x25.5cm (The Clay Studio coll.)

Paolo Porelli, 'Excess' 2011, porcelain slipped stoneware, 66x30.5cm

Paolo Porelli, 'Glove Lady'  2011, glazed stoneware,61x20.5cm

Paolo Porelli, 'Hypnotizer'  2011, glazed stoneware, 58,5x28cm

Paolo Porelli, 'Material Man'  2011 (detail), glazed stoneware, 54.5x25,5cm